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Definition of Awesome
Definition of Awesome
Darlin l 19 l Toronto
Music, T.V and Movie Addict. I like a little bit of everything. So please excuse my randomness.


Kiss me now that I’m older
I wont try to control you
Friday nights have been lonely
Take it slow but don’t warn me

The Strokes :: 12:51 (2003)

(via n-xstalgic)

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You’ve been flying so high
Avoiding the road
Pretending not to feel alone…

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MisterWives - Reflections

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Dancing Shoes // Arctic Monkeys

Get on your dancing shoes
There’s one thing on your mind
Hoping they’re looking for you
Sure you’ll be rummaging through

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Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars 

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If someone wanted to buy this record for me i’d be pretty alright with that. 

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We Fly High | Jim Jones

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Move Bitch | Ludacris (ft. Mystikal & I-20)

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